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Wild Women Against Razors' Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
Wild Women Against Razors

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born to love [11 Feb 2011|03:26pm]

The sun almost sets and I get this weird feeling like I was losing my mind,
I just cant stop thinking about Marie. She's at another place and I miss
her terribly. I keep telling her how much I love her and she said the same,
but I cant figure out if its just friendship or she too is falling for me.
But sometimes I think or I just want to think that she's sending me
signals; you know body languages and stuff. I still remember when I was 13
and she was 14 and we are young and still in high school where uncertainty
becomes everyone's issue, it was a very hot sunny afternoon of august when
I first heard the words other people say to the people they really care
about, I love you was being shouted at the whole school in front of many
people and that really makes me think twice.

After 8 years of being courted by men, we are still single and some kind of
don't want to be in a commitment. Sometimes we cant help ourselves well
even in public, we are still close, I mean really close like holding each
other while ordering food, make sweet gestures when every eye is looking,
well I don't care as long as I'm happy. Since then there has been an
unanswered question between us, we don't need to say it coz we can feel it,
but there is still a problem.
Read the rest of the article at kategrace.com the free lesbian dating love community
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Your little rules!!!!!!! [17 Jan 2011|05:06pm]

Body Hair Is Beautiful!!!

This community is dedicated to showcasing the hirsute pulchritude of the distaff side. Women with hairy legs, armpits, backs, butts, crotches, anything. Even bearded ladies are okay with us!

Lovely hairy women (and those who love them)! Post your pictures, art, reminiscences, fantasies, rants, and poems about feminine body hair. Submit links to other websites. Post pictures of hairy female celebrities. Anything to do with women and hair. Use your imagination.

It is not shameful and unhygienic to have hair on your body. It is natural. And it is erotic. Let it all hang out. There are many who appreciate it, and who cares about the rest!

In it, it says it is ok to post "crotches"
It says it is ok to post "links"
It also says "use your imagination"

So, my post followed your guidlines...no where in it does it say to put anything behind a LJ cut, or I would have done so....If you would like to bash me for following YOUR guidlines to the group, that is just fine.
I have deleted all my photos from you group.
I wish you a wonderful life and a wonderful time trying to control something you have no control over.

Your Hairy Mistress

PS...you may wish to change your guidlines to the group so this don't happen any more...The sad thing is, I have had 5 women tell me this would happen in this lame group, but I gave you all a try, and bash my bush, it so did...
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За кого ты выйдешь замуж? [07 Jul 2010|01:09pm]
За кого ты выйдешь замуж?
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[25 Apr 2010|02:31am]

my site is on sale for my live journal friends...click the link below to visit my site and sign up under the sale price...

OverlappingTextLive - http://hairyjazmin.com
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hope u like [05 Apr 2010|01:50am]

[ mood | chipper ]

My fee page at hairyjazmin.com is up and running....feel free to check it out

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newbie!!! [22 Mar 2010|04:28am]

[ mood | curious ]

looking for like minded people...to much?

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i tried [21 Mar 2010|09:58pm]

i tried to join both Hairy Pits and  Fuck Shaving and was denied from joining both groups :-(
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great community [20 Mar 2010|12:05am]

i love this community. hope to b able to visit daily. thanks for all you do
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Ophelia and more new BBW Artwork [15 Mar 2010|04:17pm]

Yup, i did my own version of Ophelia, from the video game Brutal Legend...Collapse )

And the rest...
littlepiggiesb.jpg bonappeFEETeb.jpg devilishdaydreamb.jpg
hirsutiab.jpg prettyatheistinglassesb.jpg walkinonsunshineb.jpg
suzysnowflakeb.jpg willendorfb.jpg alienbazookababeb.jpg
See the rest - 23 in total...Collapse )

So, be kind and leave a comment about at least one or 2 of these. I'm proud of them, and want to know what those whom i respect think. Or those i don't know (since i'll be posting these in some groups).
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Download mp3 music [10 Jan 2010|01:27pm]
[ mood | loved ]

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At Home Insemination for the LGBT Community [05 Nov 2009|01:50pm]

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For more information, visit kate Grace Lesbian Dating Community
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New Stuff [31 Oct 2009|12:11pm]

And more...Collapse )
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Daniel Bauer [29 Apr 2009|11:33pm]

This erotic photographer have a lot of pictures of hairy women. I was trying to post some of them here, but It give me an error, so I've posted some of them that I like specially in this blog: 

Enjoy them!
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Social network for lesbians GirlZZZ Land - girlzzz.eu [29 Mar 2009|05:10pm]

I want to tell that social network GirlZZZ Land only for girls - lesbians and bisexsuals
has been opened!!!.it's like a facebook or myspace , but only for girls -lesbians and bisexsuals.
You can meet other girls there and you will have some futures like :

-Create your personal profile
-Upload any images
-Upload favorited mp3's in your frofile
-Post your personal blogs and comment others
-Make personal bookmarks of videos from youtube
-Create communities
-Use private messages
-chat with other girls
-online games
-and much more!

Welcome to GirlZZZ Land!
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Erotic art [22 Mar 2009|02:45pm]

Samantha WestCollapse )
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New BBW Art [20 Mar 2009|01:10pm]

Ready for another round of my newest artwork? Well, too bad, here they are anyway!

From figure portraits to Mario...?Collapse )

Well, enjoy. It's a bigger package this time. If you have comments, i'd appreciate ones about specific pieces, if you could. You don't have to comment on all of them, just a few you liked, and why, or why not. Thank you.
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The Bullshit Membrane of Insecurity [12 Mar 2009|04:41pm]

This is a piece i drew from a photo online, the girl was actually smirking in the photo, but the pose itself had this tragic quality to it. 2 of the main influences for the direction i went with this were George Carlin's ability to collect common sayings, and Ani DiFranco's song "Present/Infant" off her new album, "Red Letter Year", specifically the line, "Don't let the sellers of stuff power enough to rob you of your grace."

And so, i decided to collect as many of those advertising questions aimed at women, specifically designed to make them feel insecure about all sorts of different aspects of herself, just to make her feel like she has to buy bullshit, the temporary cures, and keep buying them, "making insecurity into a full-time job"(Ani), which enrages me SO much, because everyone is beautiful NATURALLY. They only become ugly when they introduce fakeness!

Anyway, here's the piece i made, and i post it separately because i believe it should be viewed without the distraction of my other recent pieces (man, i sound conceited, but i just received such a powerful response from this elsewhere, and i wanted to present it properly):
Full-size, plus a run-down of all the words...Collapse )

Well, let me know what you think!
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New batch of Drawings [08 Feb 2009|02:46am]

I must apologize beforehand if any of these seem lower quality images.
See, my scanner broke, and i've had to take all these ones with my digital camera, and edit the crap out of the light and contrast just to get them looking somewhat similar to what they actually look like. So, beyond that, enjoy ...

A Bazooka-babe, A Song Title, a Portrait, and more...Collapse )
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